Soposup Custom SUPs

This is the Gremlin, Soposup's new High Performance Surf Sup. After riding a dozen different shapes at our local breaks, I have a pretty good idea of what I want in a surf-SUP.
The Gremlin features low entry rocker to get you into a wave early, a flat middle for speed, and extreme V in the tail for effortless rail-to-rail transitions. The thick rails offer great initial stability and the deck is scooped out which lowers your center of gravity and helps maintain balance and control as the board moves over the water. Another unique feature are the bevelled rails in the tail area. These act as "training wheels" to help you really get the board on edge and put up some spray on your cutbacks and bottom turns. No more wimpy pivot turns!
The boards can be made in lengths from 7'6" to 10', although anywhere in the 8' range is optimal. The 8'er weighs in at 18.7 lbs with pad and fins, so they are quite light, especially considering the bomber glass layup; 2 x 6oz on top and bottom with 24oz of glass on the rails. You also receive a 1 year free ding repair warranty with the board.
We are currently offering the Gremlin for $995.00, but once the next batch of blanks is sold, this introductory price will increase. Place your order before the weather gets too nice, as we will be very busy this summer and build times will increase significantly.

Surf Report

updated 05/29/2016 12:04pm

4.3 ft @ 5 sec from ENE

ENE (Cross Shore) @ 16 mph


1st Race of the 2016 Season, June 5th at LLBeans Flying Point Paddlecenter


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