The Pearson-Arrow Lairds have landed!

This summer I had a chance to hop on a Surftech Pearson Arrow and I knew I had to have one of these amazing boards for myself. Unfortunately the Surftech models cost upwards of $1800. I thought, why not go straight to the man himself? So I called the shop in Santa Cruz and told them what I wanted. A couple days later, Bob Pearson himself called me back and we had a great conversation about SUPs and I told him what I was riding, and what I liked, and we agreed on building 4 boards; one for me and 3 more for the store.

Do a youtube search for "Laird Hamilton Sup" and you will see these boards in action. Extremely thinned out tail and nose, performance surfboard rails, wide nose and concave for noserides, low volume and just oozing distinctive style and grace.

We have a 9'8" by 28.75" that would be perfect for the experienced Sup rider looking to upgrade to something more performance oriented or for the lighter rider looking for a first board that they will want to keep forever. Then there is a 10'6" by 30" board for people in the 145-185 lb range. Last, we have a 12' by 32" bomber for bigger folks. Although these boards are designed with waves in mind, the low rocker and relatively straight rail profiles will give these boards plenty of glide for flatwater paddling as well. Starting at $1375.00, you're also saving yourself about $400 over the Surftech ones

These are truly one of a kind boards. Come in and check them out...but don't wait too long, I guarantee they won't make it past the holidays!

Pearson Arrow Lairds

Surf Report

updated 02/25/2018 9:04pm

1.3 ft @ 6 sec from SE

N (Offshore) @ 11 mph


Race Number 5 (10.5 miles)
Sunday, July 2nd 8am


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