2015 Free Board Give-away Recipients

It is with great pleasure, and humility, that I announce the "winners" of this year's Free Board Give-Away. Notice I said winnerS…yes, I couldn't pick just one. Once the submissions started coming in, I realized it would be impossible to pick out just one deserving person. Everyone deserves a standup board. That's pretty much the Soposup mantra.

But of course, I can't be giving all my boards away. In fact, it's thanks to all the people who have shopped at Soposup over the past 4 years that we are able to do this in the first place. So please don't think of this as something just we at the shop are doing; this is something we are all doing for each other! Thank you for supporting the shop and letting it become, I think, a cherished part of the community.

In that spirit, I would like to share a little about 4 people who go above and beyond to make our corner of the world a little better every day.

Our featured winner is Kate Beever. Kate grew up in southern Maine, and started playing instruments at age 6. She earned an undergraduate degree at USM which she designed to include music and psychology and went on to earn a Master's Degree in Music Psychotherapy at NYU. Although she found rewarding work in New York hospitals, she chose to return to her native Maine, an area that had yet to recognize music therapy as a profession and had no existing opportunities to pursue. But undeterred, she left the big city, explaining, "I loved the energy of the city, but my community is here". Soon after, she started her own private practice, Maine Music and Health (http://www.mainemusicandhealth.com).

Using group and individual music therapy treatment, Kate is able to reach people through different musical interventions. She works with clients in oncology, brain injury, dementia, developmental disabilities, refugees, and at-risk youth, to help improve communication, speech, self-expression, and overall wellness. She has helped teach individuals with physical limitations to play instruments and has helped individuals who can't speak begin to sing – amazing stuff!

Kate took an interest in stand-up paddle boarding several years ago, but her dedication to her work and clients' needs has always seemed more important than doing something just for herself. It is impossible to summarize anyone's life in a couple paragraphs, especially someone who's life is so entwined with the threads of other peoples' lives. Please take time to follow the links to Kate's website and blog, as well as Facebook page to learn more about her and the amazing things she does. http://www.mainemusicandhealth.com/blog/2015/2/9/so-you-want-to-be-a-mus...

Greg Perchik currently heads up the Teen Center at Preble Street. Everyday he goes in to work and deals with crisis after crisis ultimately hoping to make the lives of homeless teenagers a little bit better. This year he has taken on a second job at Maine Medical Center doing psych evals in the emergency room on the weekends. Greg has a loving wife who takes care of their new baby at home. Greg has been spotted looking wistfully into the window of the shop by his nominator on a few occasions.

Suzanne Pillsbury of Cape Elizabeth received multiple nominations. She is a much loved and respected member of the local community. She is deeply involved with school and extracurricular activities, as well as an always willing and eager friend to those in need of help, whether they are strangers or neighbors. As a volunteer at the Cape Farm Alliance, she had a vision of the first Cape Elizabeth Strawberry Festival. She spent many hours creating this event which brings the community together at Maxwell Farm in June of each year. This event has grown over the years with thousands of attendees, with the focus of the festival on the importance of local farms in our community.

Z Rich is the teenage daughter of a lobstering family who lives year-round on Long Island in Casco Bay. Here is part of the nomination e-mail I received: "I can really see her light up when she is paddling. Something changes in her and she just seems to become more aware of herself and what she is capable of. Her summer before 8th grade, she taught 6 people how to stand up paddle, including one of her teachers from King Middle School. After that lesson, she said,"Mom, I think being a paddle board instructor should be one of my first jobs."" Good luck Z!

Congratulations to the 4 winners of boards this year! I want to add that we received many more nominations than we could give out boards for. It was a very difficult thing to pick out "winners", because every one of them was really a winner. A few of you will be getting e-mails from the shop in the coming weeks explaining that although you did not get a free board, we would like to offer you some other ways to help you get out on the water more often this coming summer. Thanks again to everyone who has taken part in this little adventure! Sincerely, Raf.

photo by Julie Whyel
Kate Beever, winner of this year's Free Board Give-away!

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