2015 Free Board Give-away!

Another year is just about done, with only about 2 weeks left before we close the books on 2015. Hopefully I see a few more of you before then as you shop for an extra awesome gift for someone special. Everything's on SALE, by the way.

But this post isn't about me selling you a board…its about you selling me a story. Since opening this shop, I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting so many great people who've made a real difference in their community. And while it's true that people with money to spare on luxury items like Standup Paddle Boards are often in a good position to make a real difference in the lives of people around them, it is the people who might have less money to share but still find a way to give that I am looking to hear about right now.
From now until Friday the 18th, I am soliciting nominations for a Standup Paddleboard give-away. Please send me an e-mail with a shortish paragraph or two about a person you feel deserves and would appreciate a brand new SUP, and on Saturday, December 19th I will announce the winner. If you think that person is you, then of course you can nominate yourself.
I would like to share the story of the winner when I make the announcement, so please make sure your nominee is prepared to have their story made public. Nominees must not already own a SUP, and must be residents of Maine. Please send nomination e-mails to soposup@gmail.com, with the subject line "2015 free board give-away". E-mails without that subject line will be disregarded, and please no phone calls or text messages.

Have at it, good luck, and Happy Holidays from SOPOSUP!!!

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