2nd Soposup Santa Paddle Dec. 18th

Come and paddle Portland harbor dressed in your best Santa Costume. We will meet at S. Portland's Bug Light boat launch around 10:15am, and get on our way by 10:30. You will need a good wetsuit, a PFD (vest type is great to wear beneath your Santa costume to give you that extra Ho-ho-ho) and a convincing Santa outfit. We will paddle towards the Casco Bay Bridge, and then back to the boat launch. Its important we don't disrupt any boat traffic, so I ask that we stay on the South side of the harbor. If the weather is bad (ie; below 30, windy, snowing/raining) consider the cruise cancelled.

The 1st Soposup Custom SUP is shaped!

I finally got the basement workshop finished, pulled a blank off the rack and got cutting. What a mess styrofoam makes. This 1st board will be for Dylan, my 8 year old. I can't wait to take him on the water next spring and then hopefully get him surfing quickly! In a couple of years, he'll be teaching me a thing or two.

8'9" x 28" Custom Kid's SUP

The Pearson-Arrow Lairds have landed!

This summer I had a chance to hop on a Surftech Pearson Arrow and I knew I had to have one of these amazing boards for myself. Unfortunately the Surftech models cost upwards of $1800. I thought, why not go straight to the man himself? So I called the shop in Santa Cruz and told them what I wanted. A couple days later, Bob Pearson himself called me back and we had a great conversation about SUPs and I told him what I was riding, and what I liked, and we agreed on building 4 boards; one for me and 3 more for the store.

Pearson Arrow Lairds

September 20-24, Our 1st SALE!

We will be selling our demo/lesson boards and discounting all new SUPs. 3 and 2 mil wetsuits will be reduced by 40%...get refitted for next spring now! Prices will not be set on used equipment until store opening on the 20th, but come in before then and you can still get your new board at the Sale discount!

Surfboards coming to SOPOSUP!

Starting this winter, we will begin to stock surfboards as well as SUPs. This was an option when I first decided to open the store, but for a few reasons I decided against it at the time. For one thing, I felt (and still feel) that SUP offers a more satisfying experience in waves than traditional surfing. Obviously thats just my personal opinion, and I recognize it certainly is not a majority point of view (yet). That ties into the second reason, which is that I have no particular expertise on surfboards.

Super Pricing on Oxbow Scouts!

The Oxbow Scout series are the perfect board for anyone living on the coast who wants to do a little of everything; surf, explore the marshes, surf some more, paddle to Peaks, surf again, and get some good cardio in before you head off to...surf some more!

SUP Etiquette in the line-up

So summer is indisputably here. We have a had a fair run of decent surf almost every other morning. As we get into August, there will be more and more people in the water vying for a limited number of waves. Almost every time I go out I meet someone who has just started SUP. In a few years, half the surfers at Higgins will be on SUPs.

1st Annual Spurwink River Challenge on Saturday 23rd

Ok, so next year we'll have a snazzy logo, posters, killer swag and prizes, and possibly even a real, live pig-roast...but who wants to wait until next year!? Get down to the Spurwink River boat launch off Rte 77 on Saturday morning and paddle to the sea and back for fun and fame (and a t-shirt if you finish in the top 3). Bring a board, a paddle and a pfd (you don't have to wear it, just have it strapped on board).

Battle of the Paddle, Spurwink style

A Golden Age

SUP is still a very new sport. Almost anyone who surfs in Maine knows about it, but very few have tried it themselves. A few older surfers, with busted knees and lousy backs, have discovered they can once again paddle out and ride waves in comfort. The cold water doesn’t bother them as much when they are gliding over it. They can stand tall, and look around. Soon they realize their paddle isn’t a crutch at all, but a powerful set of wings that open up a vast, new horizon of possibilities.

Kai Lenny, 18, flying high

Sup Yoga is here!

We just wrapped up our first SUP Yoga session and it was awesome! Brenda is an amazing instructor, bringing 15 years of Yoga experience and a great attitude to the waters of Cape Elizabeth. Even if you aren't much of a Yogi, and have little to no experience on SUPs, you will love this class.

Next session will have 2 weekly dates: Thursdays 9:30-10:45am and Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:15pm. Classes will be held on August 10,11,17,18,24,25. Sign up for 3 classes, either mornings or evenings. Cost is $60 for 3 classes, plus $20 per class for board rental.

Surf Report

updated 01/11/2018 1:04pm

3.3 ft @ 5 sec from WSW

WSW (Cross Shore) @ 25 mph


Race Number 5 (10.5 miles)
Sunday, July 2nd 8am


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